Eric A. Feldman, JD, PhD

Heimbold Professor of International Law, Carey Law School Professor, Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Perelman School of Medicine

Courses Taught

Law and Public Health: Domestic and Global Perspectives

Brief Bio

Eric Feldman, JD, PhD is the Deputy Dean for International Programs, Professor of Law, and Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, and has expertise in comparative public health law torts, law and society, and Japanese law. Much of his research explores the comparative dimensions of rights, dispute resolution and legal culture in the context of pressing policy issues, including the regulation of smoking, HIV/AIDS, and natural disasters. Feldman has a strong and long-standing interest in tobacco law and policy, and has published widely on the legal and regulatory aspects of smoking, tobacco consumption and public health, the bioethics of tobacco, and e-cigarette regulation. He has expertise in state and federal tobacco litigation in the United States as well as legal conflicts over tobacco globally since the 1950s (Feldman and Bayer, 2004). Feldman serves on the external advisory board of the UPenn TCORS and provides legal and policy expertise on tobacco control issues.