Covid-19 Community Vaccine Program

In partnership with Penn’s Department of Family Medicine of Community Health, we launched our Community Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic program in May 2021. To date we have held over 100 vaccine clinics in schools, churches, and community centers in West Philadelphia and provided more than 10,000+ vaccines

Our mission

Meeting people where they are to reduce barriers to vaccine access and address inequities in vaccine distribution




Covid-19 Community Vax Program at a glance…

  • 15,804community members engaged
  • 100+community vaccine clinics
  • 50 community events attended in West Philadelphia
  • 10,000+vaccines delivered


GoVax Philadelphia was a HRSA-funded initiative to conduct vaccine education and outreach among residents in West and Southwest Philadelphia. The program employed a team of Vaccine Canvassers to recruit individuals for COVID-19 vaccination clinics through door-to-door outreach and in-person recruitment at crowded public venues such as shopping centers. The team also facilitated Vaccine Ambassador Trainings with community partners such as the Free Library of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Prison Society.

Over the past year, the GoVax Team has engaged over 15,000 community members, canvassed over 100 unique locations, and attended nearly 50 community events. The team also hosted four Vaccine Ambassador Trainings, training over 50 individuals to engage in critical conversations about the COVID-19 vaccine and other community health challenges.